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OpenPhase is a powerful microstructure simulation suite made for metallic materials.

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OpenPhase Studio is a powerful microstructure simulation suite made for metallic materials, ceramics and minerals. Using multi-physics models embedded in the phase-field method, materials processes such as solidification, tempering, mechanical testing and many more can be simulated. OpenPhase is available in two flavours, OpenPhase Studio and OpenPhase Core. OpenPhase Studio is our full-featured microstructure simulation suite with user-friendly GUI, intuitive simulation setup and on-the-fly data analysis. An open-source C++ library is available with OpenPhase Core, which includes the core OpenPhase functionality and offers full flexibility in building custom simulations. OpenPhase enables you to

  • Innovate and accelerate materials development
  • Complement experiments
  • Optimize processes through better understanding of materials behavior

Application: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) enables innovative part geometries and dynamic production processes. AM submits the material to extremely high cooling rates and thermal gradients, which results in unique microstructures and materials properties. OpenPhase provides detailed insights into microstructure evolution in the context of additive manufacturing.

Process parameters control dendrite spacing and shape, concentration gradients, nucleation kinetics and mechanical properties. OpenPhase evaluates these properties through simulation of physics-based models resolved in space and time. The figure below shows the simulation of additive manufacturing in Ni-base superalloys (color scale: temperature, grey scale: nickel concentration). Using simulations like this, new process conditions and materials can be explored quickly, saving valuable time and resources.


Our Products

OpenPhase Studio

The full-featured microstructure simulation suite OpenPhase Studio offers an intuitive GUI including documentation and on-the-fly visualization. New simulations can be quickly created from pre-defined material and process presets.

OpenPhase Core

If flexibility is essential, a powerful C++ library is available in OpenPhase Core. The open-source code can be expanded by using OpenPhase Modules, such as OP Advanced Mechanics and OP Thermodynamics.


OpenPhase support answers technical and scientific questions and helps you quickly find the right simulation setup for your material and process parameters.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions range from custom simulations tailored to your research over implementation of new models to parameter studies and development of custom interfaces.

OpenPhase at ICAMS

The OpenPhase Solutions team works in close collaboration with the ICAMS at Ruhr-University Bochum. You can check out the ICAMS version of OpenPhase here:

Application: Virtual Creep test

In the quest for more fuel-efficient turbines, developing heat resistant materials for turbine blades is a high priority. Mechanical properties and especially creep behaviour at high temperatures are of utmost importance, as turbine blade elongation determines the effective lifespan of the blade.
OpenPhase Studio is used here to simulate microstructure evolution under creep conditions and visualize creep behaviour, stress-strain diagrams and other properties of the simulated domain for more efficient material research.

OpenPhase Features

The development of OpenPhase started in 2008 at ICAMS, one of the world-leading materials simulation institutes. With today over 50 man-years of development, OpenPhase is the most feature-rich phase-field code available. Continuous development by the OpenPhase Solutions Team ensures that OpenPhase is state-of-the-art in simulating microstructure evolution.

Intuitive graphical user-interface

Guided creation of simulations, integrated documentation and presets for various materials and processes.

Modular library

OpenPhase Studio and OpenPhase Core use a modular structure that allows combining different physical modules into a single simulation or simulate a complex process through consecutive simulation steps.

Powerful diffusion module

Realistic simulation of diffusion and phase transformation. Coupling to Thermo-Calc and Open Calphad enables realistic simulation of complex material systems.

Extensive mechanics module

Elasticity, crystal plasticity and finite strain for complex mechanics simulations on evolving or static microstructures

Straightforward flow solver

Lattice Boltzmann solver for calculating melt flow during solidification

Flexible nucleation and microstructure creation

Easy creation of initial microstructures, realistic nucleation based on various properties.


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