OpenPhase Studio Trial

OpenPhase Studio is microstructure simulation made simple. Try all the essential features with OpenPhase Studio Trial. Please request access to the 1-month trial version in the contact formwith company/university email address.

The trial version includes:

  • Multi-phase-field model for virtually unlimited number of phase-fields
  • Binary diffusion with thermodynamic data from linearized phase diagrams
  • Linear elasticity with phase-specific mechanical properties
  • Flexible nucleation with the nucleation module 
  • Microstructure creator
  • Anisotropic interface energy and mobility

Supplementary material

Additional to the built in documentation, we are offering complete tutorials for teaching OpenPhase Studio and for understanding the basic functionality of the trial version.

  • Eutectic solidification in Ag-Cu [Download]
  • more to come ...

Overview: Software Solutions

Feature Studio Trial Studio Core Base
Intuitive GUI    
Multi-phase field
Small strain framework
OpenMP Parallelization  
Multi-component diffusion   (✔) 1 (✔) 1  
Thermo-Calc interface   (✔) 1 (✔) 1  
Finite strain framework   (✔) 2 (✔) 2  
Crystal-plasticity model   (✔) 2 (✔) 2  
Damage model   (✔) 2 (✔) 2  
Vacancy diffusion   (✔) 1 (✔) 1  
Open source c++ library    
Published under GPL      

1 with AdvancedModule Thermodynamics
2 with AdvancedModule Mechanics

OpenPhase Base (GPL)

OpenPhase© Base is a slim open-source version of our c++ phase-field library intended for students to learn the basics of phase-field. It only includes a selected subset of the features of OpenPhase© Core and requires expertise in c++ and phase-field simulations.



  • Version 1.1 (10th of January 2020)
    Windows compatibility
    Minor bug fixes
    Removed voro++